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Most problems found in a home are due to deferred maintenance or the lifespan of materials. If you’re not properly maintaining your home, the damage will become clear when inspection time comes or damage has already occurred.

Overflowing gutters, unsealed gaps, leaky systems, and broken test detectors, among many other causes, can lead to expensive structural damages and possibly cost someone a life.

For this reason, our company came up with the "10 Must-Do Maintenance Services to Protect Our Homes and Loved Ones." As licensed and certified general contractors, we recommend these maintenance services to all homeowners. Of course, you can also contact us to handle the handyman services, repairs, and maintenance!

10 Must-Do Maintenance Services to Protect Our Homes and Loved Ones

1. Test Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

According to the National Fire Protection Association, between 2007 and 2011, almost two-thirds of home fire deaths were in homes without working smoke detectors. The batteries to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors need to be changed once a year. For best results, we update homes to smart detectors. Ask us for more information, and feel confident Moda Handyman will get the job done right the first time with our handyman services.

2. Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters control the flow of rainwater on your house, protecting your roof, siding, and foundation from water damage. Clogged gutters can cause a roof to leak, damage to siding, dry rot, foundation settling, and basement water damage. Gutters need to be cleaned twice a year, or more if in close proximity to the trees. Our general contractor can help if you’re not up for the job for whatever reason.

3. Roof Cleaning & Treatments

Most roofs have an average life of 20–30 years if properly maintained. However, if not monitored, the roof life can be shortened by 10–15 years from algae and moss build-ups. Moda Handyman’s general contractors will inspect and treat roofs to help extend the life and avoid roof leaks, mold contamination, and structural damages.

4. Deck Pressure Washing and Staining

Many of us know building a nice deck is an investment! They cost thousands of dollars to build, but they can rot in only a number of years if not properly maintained. Moreover, wet PNW winters add to the layer of grime and need for staining to protect the wood. Moda Handyman can keep loved ones safe and help make your investment last a lifetime.

5. Proper Caulking & Sealing

One of the biggest structural enemies of any house are the gaps. Whether around exterior trims, between siding, around windows, between counter and backsplash, or around tub and pan showers, the gaps need to be sealed in order to protect the house from dry rot. Often, the small gaps aren't recognized as the big enemies and get overlooked. However, these small enemies can cause thousands of dollars in structural damages. Moda Handyman can help manage and fix gaps before they become a big problem with our handyman services.

6. Exterior Paint Condition

Most times we think of painting as a part of the home design. However, we forget a primary purpose of paint is to protect the exterior siding from weather and to keep the natural elements outside the home. If the exterior paint cracks or gets weathered out, it stops performing its main function and can lead to siding and possible structural damages. Let Moda Handyman help protect what matters most with help from our painting contractors.

7. Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clothes dryers cause 2,900 fires a year, with many fires happening in the fall and winter, according to the United States Fire Administration. Lint is a major culprit, so have your dryer vent inspected and cleaned annually. Let our professional general contractors help you keep you and your loved ones safe!

8. Tree and Shrub Trimming

Many of us love our beautiful PNW for the evergreen trees that we enjoy all year long. However, many of us forget to keep an eye on the trees and shrubs surrounding our homes. If left unchecked, the branches can come in close contact with the roof or the siding, which will lead to structural damages within a short period of time. Low-hanging branches over the roof will create excess moisture, which will lead to moss and algae build-up. Untrimmed vegetation can do the same thing to the siding. Keeping our beautiful trees and vegetation away from the house can help save thousands in costly repairs, so contact us for handyman services in the Vancouver area today.

9. HVAC Service and Maintenance

For homes with central heat and air, a technician should check the duct work for signs of damage or needed filter replacement; the furnace and A/C compressor should also be cleaned and serviced at least once a year. Preventative maintenance will keep your HVAC system running all season long with no surprise breakdowns and operating at top efficiency. Inspections pay for themselves through improved energy efficiency and a longer-lasting air conditioning unit. A yearly maintenance check by a licensed HVAC expert can help reduce your monthly energy bill by up to 15%. Additionally, just like central air units, electrical wall heaters need to be serviced and cleaned once a year as well. Over time, the wall heaters end up collecting lots of dust and debris and could cause fires with large debris build-ups. Moda Handyman can be your go-to for these handyman services and general contractor and maintenance jobs.

10. Draining Your Water Heater

Many homeowners don’t know to partially drain their hot water heater, says John Bodrozic, co-founder of HomeZada, a digital home management site. “Minerals in your water will build up over time at the bottom of your tank, which also causes the tank to work harder, which often causes the hot water heater to fail, causing water damage,” he explains. Keeping your water heater running efficiently can greatly benefit your pocket: Replacing a hot water tank can cost up to $3,000. It's recommended to drain your tank from the bottom at least once a year to get the sediment out, then refill it. Contact us today to schedule handyman services for your water heater.

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