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Whether life is too busy for you to take on another project right now or you simply want to ensure the repair is done right the first time, Moda Handyman is here for you. As part of our handyman services in the Vancouver area, we offer common household repairs such as kitchen repairs, bathroom repairs, general repairs, home inspection repairs, exterior repairs, and yard repairs. You can find more information regarding each of these home improvement areas below, and you can always reach out to our general contractors with any questions! Contact us today for more information regarding your upcoming home improvement project.

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There are many reasons why it pays to hire a trusted contractor for your repair job rather than attempting to tackle a difficult or potentially dangerous task yourself. At Moda Handyman, we have the experience and skill required to handle repair and remodeling jobs safely, and ensure the job is done right the first time.

With our services, you will receive accurate timelines and estimates, without getting bogged down by the inflated budgets and timelines common with DIY projects. Get it right the first time by trusting Moda Handyman, and get back to enjoying your home to the fullest. We can assist with any of the following home repairs in Vancouver and throughout the Pacific Northwest:

Kitchen Repairs

Kitchen Repairs

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of your home, and one you undoubtedly spend a lot of time in. Your kitchen should be fully-functional and work for your needs, whether that means repairs to get your kitchen back in working order, or remodeling to improve it to your standards. Our team of contractors has the knowledge required to safely and effectively repair common problems that arise in kitchens, such as electrical issues, plumbing problems, or any range of broken kitchen features.

Bathroom Repairs

Bathroom Repairs

When it comes to potential repair and maintenance needs for your home’s bathroom, be sure to tackle any problems before they worsen and cause even more damage to your structure. Leaky bathroom features can quickly create a cleanup nightmare, cause high water bills, and cause extensive mold damage within your walls. Don’t let this problem get worse and cause extremely expensive repairs — contact our team today to help with any and all bathroom repairs. We are uniquely equipped to handle any problems you may be having, and repair damage from leaks or other general damage to your bathroom’s features.

General Repairs

General Repairs

Do you have any specific home repair needs not mentioned above? Don’t worry, our team can still help! We are uniquely equipped as a general contractor to handle any repair jobs our customers require. Damage to your home can be caused by any number of reasons, whether it resulted from an accident, an aging home, a shoddy construction job in the past, or simply materials reaching their expected lifespan. Call us today and let us help with any home improvement needs, so you can get back to living your life without your home’s condition being a concern.

Home Inspection Repairs

Home Inspection Repairs

Whether you’re buying or selling a house, it’s crucially important to know what you have on your hands and any potential repairs you need to address. A home inspector is nearly guaranteed to find issues, and you can make the repair process easier by depending on the repair team at Moda Handyman. With our help you can ensure your home is fully prepared to be sold, or have the assurance that your new house is structurally sound and all necessary repairs are completed. Our qualified, licensed contractor team can handle electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, heating repairs, roofing repairs, rotting wood repairs, and many other situations to ensure your structure is safe and code-compliant. Give us a call today to get started with any of your repair needs after a home inspection, and learn how we can help.

Exterior Repairs

Exterior Repairs

The exterior of your home is not only designed to be beautiful and eye-catching, it is also your home’s line of defense from the elements, keeping you safe and warm inside. Homes inevitably begin to weather from the elements with age, opening up a wide variety of potential problems for your roofing, siding, windows, gutters, paint, and all the other features of your exterior. Fortunately, the team at Moda Handyman is here to assist you with any home exterior repairs and remodeling in the Vancouver area and beyond. Addressing potential problems now is key to preventing additional repair costs down the line, and a secure exterior ensures a secure interior protected from damage from the elements.

Yard Repairs

Yard Repairs

At Moda Handyman, we can help turn your yard into the peaceful refuge you deserve. Whether that means repairs to your deck, fence, gates, or any other outdoor features of your home, tree removal or trimming, or other needs such as concrete sealing, our team can handle the job. Reach out today for the services of a trusted, qualified contractor able to handle all of your repair and renovation projects. We provide the quality home repairs you need to enjoy your space to the fullest!

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For any home repair and renovation needs in the Vancouver area, you can trust the team at Moda Handyman to get the job done right the first time. We believe in treating your home as if it were ours, and exceeding your expectations for jobs of any size. Don’t wait for your problems to get worse before you reach out for help — contact us today for repairs on any part of your home, and prevent costly future damage with the help of an experienced contractor.

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